About the podcast

Shelf Life is a podcast dedicated to the books I read! My goal is to do a quick review of every book I finish, giving a short description, commentary, and a recommendation or a caveat. I’ll attempt to rate each book by discussing each book’s “shelf life”–how long it’s been around, its current popularity or status, how much staying power I think it has.

This podcast was inspired by a single-episode podcast that a friend talked me into doing in September 2010. When the third book in the Hunger Games series came out, my Twitter friend JohnnyNBA talked me into doing a podcast about it. He sent me questions, and I talked as he and another guy in the chat shared their answers too, which I read aloud…and that silly little podcast currently has over 5000 downloads! This made me think that people must be looking for podcasts about books, so…here you go!